Rex Draconis: Of Dragon's Blood (Paperback)

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Rex Draconis: Of Dragon's Blood By Richard a. Knaak Cover Image



As dark forces vie against one another to claim power during the Dragon Moon --- in the process seeking to manipulate the minotaur empire and the allied kingdoms into war with one another --- a few move to prevent catastrophe from overtaking the world of Tiberos. Sent on a desperate mission by her superior, the half-elf knight Aylin Brightstar and her comrades --- the Vledarian siblings Varvara and Nathaniel --- must confront their own heritages if they hope to convince bickering realms of the true threat lurking among them. With them travels the female minotaur Memna, sent to give their words credence despite risk to her life.

Yet, as ancient sorcery and monstrous undead seek to subvert their quest and other powers brings forth the most unlikely of allies, Aylin will discover that her heritage runs deeper and older than elves to perhaps the most astounding of all. Unfortunately, with that heritage may come far worse as she learns what it truly means to be

Product Details
ISBN: 9781948374354
ISBN-10: 1948374358
Publisher: Hydra Publications
Publication Date: November 18th, 2020
Pages: 424
Language: English