CBEST Writing Study Guide: with Sample CBEST Essays and CBEST English Grammar Review Workbook (Paperback)

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Exam SAM's CBEST Writing Study Guide walks you through the CBEST essay writing process step by step.

Part 1 of the study guide provides an overview of the format of both the CBEST expository essay and the CBEST personal experience essay.

Part 1 of the book also explains how your CBEST essays are assessed and tells you how to avoid common errors in order to raise your exam score.

Part 2 guides you through the expository essay writing process.

It demonstrates how to structure the expository essay by using an introduction, thesis statement, main body paragraphs, topic sentences, and conclusion.

Three sample expository essays are provided in part 2, and each of them has an analysis with teacher's comments so you can understand what is expected of you on the day of your actual test.

Part 3 explains how to write the CBEST personal experience essay.

It provides tips on the structure of the personal experience essay and shows two model personal experience essays for you to study.

Part 4 contains an extensive grammar review, which provides explanations and examples of the rules of grammar, usage, style, and punctuation assessed on your essays.

Part 5 of the guide has special exercises to help you learn how to develop your sentence skills in order to write more complex and highly-developed sentences in the essays on your examination.

Each section has exercises and answers to help you improve your essay writing skills.

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ISBN: 9781949282092
ISBN-10: 1949282090
Publisher: Exam Sam Study AIDS and Media
Publication Date: January 10th, 2015
Pages: 116
Language: English