Chronicles of Tarc 545-7: Marluk' and Naluk' (Paperback)

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Chronicles of Tarc 545-7: Marluk' and Naluk' By Jiryü Räsen Cover Image


Prince Rei Touka, Regent of Suiran, begins his initiative against the Lord of Tarc by sending Ore into Tarc to prove he understands the Laws of Tarc and has the right to be a Clan Head. Ilena sends Petroi and Thayne as her Seconds so that her clans can also be tested according to Tarc tradition and Law. It's the beginning of removing the empire-hungry Lord of Tarc, who has already moved against Suiran, Ryokudo. In the end, Tarc as a whole will have to pay the price of his pride and greed. Can Rei with Ore and Ilena's help keep it as peaceful a war as possible?

Rei left Mizi in Nijou to keep her protected during the war activities. Mizi stands alone, a new and unpracticed Princess. Can she hold out against the lord and ministers who resent that the one common born royal female was left to preside in the castle?

Chronicles of Tarc is a journey of adventure, love, and hope in a future when a past has been difficult and bleak. Through effort and perseverance, dreams can come true and "happily ever after" is more than three words when it's walked hand in hand with a true partner and companion.

Product Details
ISBN: 9781949359145
ISBN-10: 194935914X
Publisher: J. Kassebaum
Publication Date: November 11th, 2022
Pages: 470
Language: English