Oopsie Daisy in The Bedtime List (Hardcover)

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Oopsie Daisy in The Bedtime List By Lalita Olivia King (Illustrator), Steven A. King, Lalita Olivia King Cover Image


Oopsie Daisy, the curious, fun loving, sweet as can be child is back again Her adventures and lessons in love, etiquette, and family fun, continue here in her second book for parents and their precious children.

Created by husband & wife team, LaLita Olivia King (illustrator) & Steven A. King (writer) under the King Family Books imprint dedicated to providing family fun tales to be shared and enjoyed by everyone.

Sweaty palms and shouts of "Arggghhh" should not be your reaction at the thought of tucking the kiddies in at night. Read along with Daisy and her family for a sweet tale and even sweeter tips on having a peaceful and stress free bedtime routine. You may even secure some much needed slumber time yourself.

Setting a time for bed, with a nightly routine, has tremendous benefits for the entire family. For one, it is an opportunity for children to learn how to relax and sooth themselves, a skill that is useful for their entire lives.

Another benefit is that routines set reasonable
expectations, and can transform bedtime into a special time for bonding while removing the stress sometimes associated with making sure everyone gets a good night of sleep and relaxation. This is especially great in a household with more than one child.

When story time is a part of the routine it can lead a child to a love of language deep inside and there's no good reason to stop as you all get older. Reading aloud together even as children enter their teenage years is widely recommended as an aid to keep the family connected in a positive way.

Bedtime and bedtime routines help us get the sleep we need so that we may function at peak
levels in order to be our best selves.

Product Details
ISBN: 9781950567218
ISBN-10: 1950567214
Publisher: King Family Books
Publication Date: June 10th, 2019
Pages: 34
Language: English