Woodburning for Beginners: Learn the Secrets of Drawing With Fire With Minimal Tools: Woodburning for Beginners: Learn the Secrets of Drawing Wit (Paperback)

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Woodburning for Beginners: Learn the Secrets of Drawing With Fire With Minimal Tools: Woodburning for Beginners: Learn the Secrets of Drawing Wit By Mark Stevens Cover Image


Are you mesmerized by the idea of drawing with fire? Do you want to master woodburning?

Are you frustrated with vague online tutorials? Do you have a grand vision in your mind, but your drawing skills and tools let you down? If so, Woodburning for Beginners is the right book for you

This book teaches you all the technical skills for stellar woodburning Whether you're a beginner who still can't transfer a pattern or an intermediate who wants to fill in the gaps in knowledge, this is the guide for you. Master the right tools and use thereof. Avoid waste, choose the right wood, and apply simple beginner skills to create your first masterpieces. Unveil all the pyrography tips and tricks that professionals won't tell you

Did you know pyrography isn't nearly as difficult as it seems? Did you know you can use any pyrography tool and implement any style you want with proper training? That's right No more money wasted. No more disappointment, stained wood, or broken tools

This book shows you how to play with fire, but instead of getting burned, create captivating art pieces on wood. All that with a simple basic beginner toolkit, plus some extra tools to give your work extra style But, how can you get started?

With this pyrography step-by-step guide, none of your questions are left unanswered Learn the exact moves to achieve realistic textures, shades, and dimensions on your woodwork with simple and useful tips that you'll know how to apply. This book gives you practical, no-nonsense advice to start with woodburning with an exact list of tools and supplies as well as direct instructions for realistic shapes, shades, and textures for your beginner projects.

In Woodburning for Beginners, you will discover:

  • The best kept secrets of easy pyrography
  • What right woodburning tools and materials to buy without spending more than your budget
  • How to avoid toxicity, fumes, and other health concerns by matching burners with the right wood
  • Create your first art pieces RIGHT NOW
  • How to safely use woodburning tools and create custom tools LIKE A PRO to make your artwork stand out even more
  • Why creating vivid, realistic shapes and textures is a breeze if you do it the right way
  • How burning straight and curved lines; add calligraphy, shading, and waves can be carefree and fun

And so much more

This book gives you fun instructions and projects to make your designs and finally put your tools and materials to good use

Learn how to draw anything your heart desires on wood using fire With this book, your beginner skills will be enough to apply an abundance of techniques, from clean Lichtenberg Figures on plywood to eye-pleasing Mandala patterns Following the steps, line by line, you'll be able to craft beautiful Christmas boxes, fridge magnets, or anything else that comes to mind

So, what are you waiting for? Don't waste time, wood, and money on failed projects and futile YouTube tutorials. Time is running out Add this book to your cart

Each moment that passes is a loss for your skills, creativity, and wallet. With fun, simple, and useful instructions just around the corner, get Woodburning for Beginners now

Product Details
ISBN: 9781951035594
ISBN-10: 1951035593
Publisher: Craftmills Publishing LLC
Publication Date: December 13th, 2020
Pages: 170
Language: English