Memory Improvement: Brain Training and Accelerated Learning to Discover Your Unlimited Memory Potential: Declutter Your Mind to Boost Your (Paperback)

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Memory Improvement: Brain Training and Accelerated Learning to Discover Your Unlimited Memory Potential: Declutter Your Mind to Boost Your By Steven Frank Cover Image


How to achieve a razor-sharp memory that runs at lightning speed, even if you're a total scatterbrain who forgets absolutely everything.

When it comes to memory loss, one fact is indisputable: we will all experience it at some point in our lives. By the time we hit the age of 27, our brain has already begun its slow decline and more frequent memory loss is an inevitable side effect. In addition to this, there are many conditions that can exacerbate memory problems, ranging from depression, poor sleeping habits, to drinking or a thyroid imbalance. Stress is a well-known trigger of memory loss and with 75% of Americans reporting that they feel stressed, are any of us really safe?

In Memory Improvement, you'll discover:

  • The powerful technique that INSTANTLY boosts creativity, memory retention, and problem-solving skills (You'll absorb new information and take your learning capacity up several levels )
  • The ten types of brain exercise you must practice to become as sharp as a tack.
  • Ten simple practices to add to your daily routine for the maintenance of healthy cognition.
  • Which physical exercises are best for your brain's specific needs and why.
  • Foolproof tips for memorizing dates and numbers.
  • The real reasons why we experience forgetfulness.
  • Meditation techniques for laser-focus and memory expansion. (Amp-up your cognitive functions and extend far beyond your brain's current capacity )

And much, much more...

As a FREE bonus, you'll also receive a chapter from NLP 2.0 Mastery: How to Analyze People because we believe that killer human analysis skills will truly complete your arsenal of brain-enhancing tools.

Even if your mind is a mess and you can barely keep track of easy details like names or faces, the extensive research behind this guide will give you all the tools you need to expand your memory capacity, enhance your cognitive speed, and boost your IQ.

By relying on the latest scientific research, this guide will help you identify the best strategies for your unique brain to achieve a high-functioning memory, and never feel slow again.

So if you want to access these expert-tested tips and tools, and finally transition from 'total mess' to 'total mastermind', then you should read this book

Product Details
ISBN: 9781951266011
ISBN-10: 1951266013
Publisher: Native Publisher
Publication Date: July 23rd, 2019
Pages: 144
Language: English