Next-Level Teaching: Empowering Students and Transforming School Culture (Paperback)


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Next-Level Teaching: Empowering Students and Transforming School Culture Cover Image
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Next-level teachers are anything but average. They're willing to use any and every strategy to reach students, increase motivation, and improve student outcomes. A next-level teacher never settles for the status quo. Instead, they ignite students' passion for learning, and that enthusiasm spreads through the whole school. What's more, next-level teachers can create school environments so exciting and electric that not only the students but even other teachers and administrators are inspired to greatness.

Whether he's creating unique content-retention strategies, collaborating with streetwear brands, or bringing out-of-the-box guest speakers into the classroom, award-winning teacher Jonathan Alsheimer never says no to an opportunity to incorporate innovative tools in his teaching. With unstoppable enthusiasm, in Next-Level Teaching Alsheimer demonstrates how educators can:

  • generate productive excitement in students using nonacademic strategies;
  • transform student enthusiasm into engagement;
  • create powerful relationships with students and colleagues;
  • seek out every chance to be a positive, motivating influence; and
  • become valued assets not only in the classroom but throughout the school.

With dedication, creativity, and a vision of what's possible, any educator can be that teacher for their students. Are you ready to level up?

Product Details
ISBN: 9781951600068
ISBN-10: 1951600061
Publisher: Dave Burgess Consulting
Publication Date: March 2nd, 2020
Pages: 126
Language: English