The Unseen War: The Jezebel Afflicted Soul on the Road To Glory (Paperback)

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The Unseen War: The Jezebel Afflicted Soul on the Road To Glory By Alena Moore, Ron Webb Cover Image


There is an Unseen War raging all around us. Do you recognize we are in a spiritual war? A war between two kingdoms, the light of heaven and the darkness of hell? It's a war for the heart and soul of mankind. The choice between eternal life, holiness, and righteousness versus death, sin, and destruction. Every person can find themselves somewhere in the pages of this book. Every person fights their own struggle overcoming the dark night of the soul and their own mind battle. Long before you were targeted by the enemy, you were chosen by God. As a child of God, we are given an identity in Him, crowned with strength and glory. The spirit of faith addresses the cast down soul. What if your darkest hour seems to last a lifetime? On the narrow road to Glory you are forged in the fire, we rise as Warriors of Christ armed with the power of God. We must determine quitting is not an option and we must keep pushing onward. God has purified me, healed my heart, and baptized me with fire. He has equipped me with how to fight with all of Heaven behind me.

Product Details
ISBN: 9781956775419
ISBN-10: 1956775412
Publisher: Rejoice Essential Publishing
Publication Date: September 16th, 2022
Pages: 344
Language: English