Jokes For Retirees and Seniors: (That You May Not Want To Tell The Boss) (Paperback)

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Jokes For Retirees and Seniors: (That You May Not Want To Tell The Boss) By Bohdan D. Shandor, Olga Medyukh (Editor) Cover Image


A Wonderfully Hilarious Joke Book for your parents, grandparents, friends and colleagues. You'll want to read these jokes again and again "Jokes for Retirees and Seniors (That You May Not Want To Tell The Boss) is a fantastic retirement or birthday gift with humor that will last a lifetime.

Retirement is very much a "good news-bad news" event in one's life. The "good news" is that you're retiring - the "bad news" is that you're retiring. How the story of retirement unfolds depends on how each individual person looks at retirement. We at DOWNSIDE UP(TM) think retirement is a positive event because it is the beginning of a new chapter in one's life that has yet to be written and YOU are the one writing the book, screenplay or narrative - whichever metaphor you prefer.

At DOWNSIDE UP (TM) we believe that no matter what the lifetime event is, the glass is always full-- frankly, we don't even know what an empty glass looks like One reason for this view is the overwhelming importance of laughter. How one views life is very much a question of perception; and, humor and laughter can and do affect perception in a very positive way. This is in fact the reason why DOWNSIDE UP(TM) was formed as a publishing firm specializing in Joke Books, as well as novelty and specialty books.

We may not be able to alter or change anyone's life directly, but we can certainly help the journey be more fun with humor and laughter. Remember, as our company's mascot and logo, Tezzy the Turtle, (TM) says:

Have Fun and Enjoy Life. (TM)

Product Details
ISBN: 9781956877021
ISBN-10: 1956877029
Publisher: Downside Up LLC
Publication Date: April 1st, 2022
Pages: 94
Language: English