Jesus [Heaven]: Or Anyone or Anything Else [Spiritual Death And Separation From God] (Paperback)

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Jesus [Heaven]: Or Anyone or Anything Else [Spiritual Death And Separation From God] By Merle a. Barlow Cover Image


Some animals were created and designed to have a dramatic transformation of their structural and functional existence. Humans can enjoy an even more dramatic transformation in their nature and lives (refer to chapter 1).

Recognize the truth regarding creationism and evolution (refer to chapter 31).

Compare the value of politics and religions to the significance of life (refer to chapter 13).

Many people have their own ideas about what is important to be successful. Please examine the principles I believe are important (refer to chapter 29).

Do you enjoy poetry? One poem specifically identifies the most important person that has ever lived in this world; another poem presents the most important decision in your life (refer to chapter 28).

Learn about the polar bear in a snowstorm and how this situation relates to a Christian life (refer to chapter 18).

Have you ever met or experienced any interaction with an alien? There is an alien you necessarily must meet (refer to chapter 27).

I have three enemies, and three very special friends. I want to introduce you to them (refer to chapter 22).

Discover the interesting relationship between the hammer and the anvil and exactly why this relationship is a beautiful metaphor of truth (refer to chapter 26).

There are three types of crosses, one of which represents everyone, including you and me (refer to chapter 23).

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ISBN: 9781973607489
ISBN-10: 1973607484
Publisher: WestBow Press
Publication Date: November 17th, 2017
Pages: 140
Language: English