The Microblading Bible (Paperback)


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A reference book for the professional microblading artist. Go over every microblading topic in great detail. You will get tips and tricks from industry experts, every legal form needed, a list of available trainings, in-depth training in pigments, skin tones and eyebrow measurements. Recommended by trainers.*Tips and Techniques To Get Good Clean Strokes*Great Reference Book For The Professional Technician*Best Healing Techniques*Every Client Form Needed From Medical History To Photo Release*Learn Skin Types and Their Effects On Pigments*Sanitation Practices.

About the Author

When I took my microblading class, I left feeling confused and unsure about how to proceed. I listened to others who had just finished their course and saw they felt the same way. I knew I needed more training but I couldn't afford another class. I looked for a book on microblading but couldn't find one. Determined not to let the money I just spent go to waste, I would use my researching skills to find out what I needed to become a great microblading technician. I decided to write The Microblading Bible. This book is my journey from an unsure newcomer to intermediate to expert. In writing this book, I spoke to tons of experts, asked hundreds of questions, followed all the boards and studied the microblading works of others then went back and asked more questions. By the time I was done writing this book, everything became clear and I was no longer confused, I felt sure of myself and understood every step perfectly. My hope is that reading this book will do the same for you.
Product Details
ISBN: 9781977673022
ISBN-10: 1977673023
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Publication Date: September 25th, 2017
Pages: 142
Language: English