The Story of Adam (AS): Learning and Islamic Activities Book for Kids - Coloring Cut & Paste Book (Paperback)

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The Story of Adam (AS): Learning and Islamic Activities Book for Kids - Coloring Cut & Paste Book By The Way of Islam Uk Cover Image


Islam provides us with the astonishing details of the creation of Adam(AS)

So begins the story of Adam(AS), the first man, the first human being. Allah Ta'ala created Adam(AS) from a handful of soil containing portions from all its varieties on Earth. Allah Ta'ala honoured the first humman, Adam(AS), in countless ways. Allah Ta'ala blew his soul into him, He fashioned him with His own hands and He ordered the Angels to bow down before him.

Adam(AS) was instructed to approach a group of Angels sitting near to him and greet them with the words Assalamu alaikum (May God's peace be upon you), they answered 'and also upon you be God's peace, mercy and blessings'. From that day forward these words became the greeting of those submitted to Allah Ta'ala.

Allah Ta'ala told mankind that He did not create them except that they should worship Him. Everything in this world was created for Adam(AS) and his descendants, in order to aid us in our ability to worship and know Allah Ta'ala.

Allah Ta'ala gave Adam(AS) the ability to identify and designate names to everything; He taught him language, speech and the ability to communicate. Before his death Adam(AS) reminded his children that Allah Ta'ala would never leave them alone or without guidance. He told them Allah Ta'ala would send other Prophets with unique names, traits and miracles, but they would all call to the same thing - the worship of the One True God. Adam(AS) appointed as his successor his son Seth(AS).
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