Mummy Is Sick, but I Love You (Paperback)

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Mummy Is Sick, but I Love You By Cheryl Slade Cover Image


When you're a child, it seems like nothing bad can happen to your parents. But sometimes it does, and you find your life turned upside down. It can be a very scary time. Mummy Is Sick, but I Love You, by author Cheryl Slade, is a conversation and a promise from Mummy to her child. Now that she's ill, Mummy can't always do everything she used to. She promises that once she is better, she'll be capable of doing it all again. Mummy explains to her sweetheart all the things that might happen whilst she's sick but assures her child of her never-ending love and that things will be better when she's well again. Mummy Is Sick, but I Love You comes from Slade's experiences after her diagnosis with breast cancer. When she couldn't find a suitable book to explain what was happening to her young son, she decided to write her own. The result can help others who are facing similar situations.

About the Author

Cheryl Slade has taught marketing, business law, and mathematics. As a secondary school teacher, she was passionate about helping low socioeconomic students succeed in mainstream schooling. After her diagnosis of breast cancer, she could not find stories to read to her son about what was happening. So she decided to write her own to explain what was going on but give him some positive experiences to look forward to.
Product Details
ISBN: 9781984504739
ISBN-10: 1984504738
Publisher: Xlibris Au
Publication Date: February 14th, 2019
Pages: 28
Language: English