Between Worlds 5: Hide and Seek (large print) (Paperback)

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Between Worlds 5: Hide and Seek (large print) By Lori Wolf-Heffner, Susan Fish (Editor), Heather Wright (Consultant) Cover Image
By Lori Wolf-Heffner, Susan Fish (Editor), Heather Wright (Consultant)


Something buried isn't lost. It's just waiting to become someone's treasure.

Juliana wants to find the perfect present for Mom's birthday to show how much she cares. When Mom wishes she still had a long-lost photo from her childhood, Juliana's found the ideal gift. She enlists her cousin Sophie to help her search all over her new-and therefore still unfamiliar-house. But when the mission turns impossible, Juliana turns to her great-grandmother's sketchbook to find hope...

Planting season has begun, but with Tata in America, Mammi toiling non-stop in the shoemaking workshop, and Elisabeth preparing for her confirmation, Elisabeth doesn't know how they will manage all the fieldwork. Thankfully, cousin Georg is willing to lend a hand, if only Mammi would accept the offer from a man she despises. Elisabeth must search for a way to convince Mammi to accept Georg's help or her family risks not planting enough food for their survival.

As Juliana hunts for a meaningful photo out of Mom's past, and Elisabeth seeks acceptance between Mammi and Georg, finding what is buried seems impossible. But both girls discover that buried may not mean gone forever.

Hide and Seek is the fifth book in Lori Wolf-Heffner's contemporary/historical series, Between Worlds. Specially included in this installment, Guillaume C t of the National Ballet of Canada gives some advice to young dancers. For those who love history, the arts, and family ties, pick up a copy of Hide and Seek and enjoy a story that spans generations.

Format updated December 2023. This book is a large print edition. The body font is 19pt, flush left, line spacing about 1.3. Italics have not been converted to underline. Interior is black print on white paper.

Product Details
ISBN: 9781989465103
ISBN-10: 1989465102
Publisher: Head in the Ground Publishing
Publication Date: October 31st, 2019
Pages: 440
Language: English
Series: Between Worlds