Social Media Marketing Mastery 2019: (2 MANUSCRIPTS IN 1): Advertising Secrets to Become an Influencer on Instagram, Youtube, Facebook, Twitter and .. (Paperback)

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Social Media Marketing Mastery 2019: (2 MANUSCRIPTS IN 1): Advertising Secrets to Become an Influencer on Instagram, Youtube, Facebook, Twitter and .. By Nathan Wells, Charlotte Sterling Cover Image


★★ 2 Books in 1 ★★

Struggling to grow your business, while you've seen your competitors find success easily? Or your followers have become stale, and there's been a lack of engagement? You've heard about the growth of social media marketing, and the power of Influencer marketing, but what exactly is that? This book will help. Social Media Marketing is simple. It can broken down into two key factors: Provide real value, and Be Consistent. This will help you capture an audience, which you can then turn into paying customers. Smash those sales goals of yours, or drive more traffic to your website; all with the help of social media marketing. You'll learn how to do all the secrets for success in Social Media Marketing for Beginners 2019.

Is social media marketing for you? Thousands of dollars are spent on traditional advertising techniques, only to see little to no return. Nowadays, Facebook or Instagram ads will outperform any form of traditional marketing, because they are highly targeted. This book will be your guide to social media success. Use it's actionable strategies to build your business or personal brand on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Linkedin and more

I will show you step-by step how to start, build, and grow a powerful social media marketing strategy, specifically for your business. Other books tell you bullshit strategies such as buying followers or fake likes. Real followers, who we will turn into real-paying customers. In this book, you will learn what truly works for using social media as a tool to reach into your network and grow your business, including:

  • Why every business must have a social media marketing strategy
  • The foundations of a successful social media marketing strategy and how to avoid failure
  • How to identify your perfect target audience, and where to find them
  • The most effective content, specifically for YOUR Business to be sharing on social media
  • Actionable strategies and TEMPLATES to create the best content for your social media
  • The right way to reach out to followers and other influencers on social media
  • What to do when the followers become stagnant (And how to prevent this from happening )
  • The importance of brand consistency (And how to achieve this )
  • How to measure your success and optimize your marketing strategy
  • REAL marketing strategies that you can use on Facebook, Twitter,
  • Instagram, Pinterest and more

Are you ready to embrace success? Even if you've struggled to build your marketing strategy in the past, this book covers all the foundations to guarantee success.

This book will show you how to effectively build your business, with marketing strategies cheaper and more effective than any other form of marketing.

What are you waiting for? Click buy now, and let's build your business.

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ISBN: 9781989632000
ISBN-10: 1989632009
Publisher: Charlie Publishes
Publication Date: August 5th, 2019
Pages: 262
Language: English