Environmental Lifestyle Guide Vol.11 of 11: For Grade 12 Students (Paperback)

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Environmental Lifestyle Guide Vol.11 of 11: For Grade 12 Students By Jahangir Asadi Cover Image


Silosa Consulting Group (SCG) was established to provide outstanding consulting services of management system & educational standards

to individuals, groups, companies, schools, and organizations all over the globe. SCG is publishing an "Environmental Lifestyle Guide

" book series as a standard textbook related to increasing environmental awareness of students means being aware of the natural environment

and making choices that benefit the earth, rather than hurt it. Vol.1 to 11 (for grades 9 to 12) providing some of the ways to practice environmental

awareness include: Recycling, Conserving energy and water, Reuse, Activism, and others. SCG book publishing services and distribution services are connected to over 39,000 booksellers worldwide, including Apple, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Indigo, Google Play Books, and many more. SCG has enough experiences to help create new and effective environmental educational programmes in different countries all over the world. For more detail, visit our website: http: //silosa.ca and/or send your enquirer to the following email: info@silosa.ca

Product Details
ISBN: 9781990451850
ISBN-10: 1990451853
Publisher: Silosa Consulting Group (Scg)
Publication Date: January 3rd, 2023
Pages: 38
Language: English