One Thousand Ways to Make Money in USA (Paperback)


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FRIEND-Are you looking for a place? We tell you how to find it. Are you poorly paid for your work? We tell you how to get better wages. Have you goods you want to sell? We suggest new plans.Are the profits of shop, store, office, or farm unsatisfactory? We tell you how to increase your income.Do you want to change your business? We suggest a vast number of new ways to make money.Have you a boy whom you wish to put to a trade? We tell you what occupations pay the best.Do you wish to make money in your own home? We give you a list of 100 paying articles which you can make and sell.Have you a little plot of ground around your house? We tell you how to make it yield you a yearly revenue.Do you want to know how our rich men made their money? We give the secrets away by the hundred.Do you want to know what to do with your savings? We give you a list of the best-paying investments.Have you practical ideas? Are you skilled in the use of tools? Would you like to take out a patent? We present to you a list of over 300 inventions needed, and in some cases even suggest how the article should be made.Have you literary ability? or reportorial talent? or advertising genius? We mention 100 ways by which you may be able to make a living by the pen.In short the 1,000 ways of money-making in this book are 1,000 nails to hang your fortune on. Others have profited by these suggestions. Why may not you?
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ISBN: 9782383370994
ISBN-10: 2383370991
Publisher: Exibook
Publication Date: March 7th, 2021
Pages: 316
Language: English