Once a Pilgrim-Always a Coach (Paperback)

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Once a Pilgrim-Always a Coach By Lynne Burney Cover Image


In February, Lynne's life partner, Richard, suggests that they walk the Way of Saint

James. Lynne says yes instantly, without forethought: no hesitation. It sounds

thoughtless even to her, but it is a yes that comes from deep within. The kind of yes

that promises no regret. She would have been incapable of explaining the whys and

wherefores of her answer then. It would take over 1,800 kilometers of walking for her

to recognize where her yes came from, and that it would be a life-changer.

When Richard popped the question, Lynne was unaware of why people went on

pilgrimages. She would discover that some walked to seek redemption, or to find

companionship or sex or adventure or all three; that others sought an antidote to the

emptiness of city life or wished to take on a challenge; and that still others followed

the Way because they needed a holiday or needed to belong or needed to love.

What kind of yes is still reverberating in your life today?

Product Details
ISBN: 9782958424503
ISBN-10: 2958424502
Publisher: Lkb Associates
Publication Date: October 1st, 2022
Pages: 260
Language: English