Heidegger and Contemporary Philosophy: Technology, Living, Society & Science (Contributions to Hermeneutics #8) (Paperback)

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Heidegger and Contemporary Philosophy: Technology, Living, Society & Science (Contributions to Hermeneutics #8) By Carmine Di Martino (Editor) Cover Image
By Carmine Di Martino (Editor)


Chapter 1. The Elaboration of Grief. Heidegger, his Interpreters and the Contemporary Society (Costantino Esposito).- Chapter 2. Heidegger and the Encounter with Psychiatry (Francesca Brencio).- Chapter 3. Technology and Environment (Jesus Adrian Escudero).- Chapter 4. Between Physics and Theology. Heidegger as Philosopher of Science (Stefano Bancalari).- Chapter 5. Dasein's Social Hermeneutics (Luca Bianchin).- Chapter 6. From Mortal to Living. A Matter of Responsibility (Fabio Polidori).- Chapter 7. The Living being and the Ereignis (Adriano Ardovino).- Chapter 8. From Living to Existing. Heidegger and the Aristotelian Philosophy (Andrea Le Moli).- Chapter 9. The Death and the Language. Heidegger and the Boundaries of Human Living (Roberto Redaelli).- Chapter 10. The Age of Totalitarian Domination of Technique (Caterina Resta).- Chapter 11. Science and Meditation. Making Sense of Technique (Eugenio Mazzarella).- Chapter 12. The Perfection of the Gestell and the Last God (Christian Sommer).- Chapter 13. Technique and Production (Roberto Terzi).- Chapter 14. Heidegger and the Anthropological Conception of the Technique (Carmine Di Martino).

About the Author

Carmine Di Martino is Professor at the "Piero Martinetti" Philosophy Department, University of Milan. His research interests include Husserl's phenomenology, Heidegger's hermeneutic, contemporary French philosophy, pragmatism, and philosophical anthropology including also its relations to current developments in scientific research. Among his most recent works are: Viventi umani e non umani. Tecnica, Linguaggio, Memoria (Milano 2017), Figure della relazione (Bari 2018), Il simbolismo e i suoi antecedenti (Bologna 2019)
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ISBN: 9783030565688
ISBN-10: 3030565688
Publisher: Springer
Publication Date: March 14th, 2022
Pages: 293
Language: English
Series: Contributions to Hermeneutics