Water-Train: The Most Energy-Efficient Inland Water Transportation (Paperback)

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Water-Train: The Most Energy-Efficient Inland Water Transportation By Kurian George Cover Image


In a government-aided research project carried out at Cochin University, the inventor of the Water-Train demonstrated that his invention requires only 24 BTU/ton-km of energy whereas barges use 328 BTU in the same Inland water transportation situation. The use of this Water-Train can invariably curtail, to a large extent, the emission of greenhouse gasses thereby decreasing the effect on global warming. Conventional water vehicles use screw propellers which have high reacting energy loss in propulsion whereas the Water-Train relies on the earth for reaction which is an infinite mass causing no reacting energy loss at all. The propelled water takes away a large quantity of kinetic energy (1/2��������2 where its mass is ���� and velocity is ����). Water-Train requires a monorail rigidly fixed to the earth through cross arms and pillars for applying the traction/propulsion force. The reacting body is the earth and so the traction efficiency tends toward 100%. It utilizes low friction of water and also the vehicles are connected serially like a locomotive and hence the wave making and skin resistances are also reduced. The NITIE study conducted earlier in India showed that diesel and electric trains use 166.3 BTU and 105.76 BTU, respectively, for the same purpose.

About the Author

Kurian George is a respected inventor who has made many contributions to the concept of energy efficiency. He has received many awards for his inventions and holds many patents to his name. He is an Electrical Engineer by profession and had worked for the Kerala State Electricity Board in Kerala, India for most of his professional life until he retired in 1999. Even after retirement he continues to work on developing new ideas solving problems that do not otherwise seem to have a clear solution. Kurian George first became popular for his invention of the Water-Train, a novel concept that has proved to be the most energy-efficient mode of transportation in the world. In addition, he had made multiple inventions in the area of Electrical Field Engineering like the ergonomic ladder design that is safe and lightweight for use by the field staff. He also redesigned the streetlight reflectors used across the state of Kerala by the electricity board, for which he received multiple awards in honor of his invention. After retiring from his day job he went on inventing many more practical inventions like better agricultural practices in rubber plantations, water conservation techniques in subterranean rock layers using the Retro-Borewell method, an economic car washing device, an effective way of removing iron from well water without using any chemicals, etc. All of his inventions are rooted in the concept of increasing efficiency, reducing wastage, and improving the quality of life for human kind.
Product Details
ISBN: 9783031013645
ISBN-10: 3031013646
Publisher: Springer
Publication Date: July 13th, 2020
Pages: 57
Language: English