Energy Democracy: Germany's Energiewende to Renewables (Hardcover)

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Energy Democracy: Germany's Energiewende to Renewables By Craig Morris, Arne Jungjohann Cover Image


Chapter 1: Energiewende - the solution to more problems than climate change.- Chapter 2: The birth of a movement: 1970s protests for democracy in Wyhl.- Chapter 3: Fledgling wind power - the folly of innovation without deployment.- Chapter 4: German wind pioneers fighting power monopolies in the 1980s.- Chapter 5: The Power Rebels of Sch nau.- Chapter 6: Renewable energy in conservative communities.- Chapter 7: The 1990s: laying the foundations for the Energiewende.- Chapter 8: Green capitalism made in Germany.- Chapter 9: The Red-Green revolution (1998-2005) .- Chapter 10: Healthy democracy: key to the Energiewende's success.- Chapter 11: Utilities bet on gas and coal and renewables boom (2005-2011).- Chapter 12: From Meitner to Merkel: a history of German nuclear power.- Chapter 13: Merkel takes ownership of the Energiewende (2011-today).- Chapter 14: Will the Energiewende succeed?.- Chapter 15: Act now or be left out.
Product Details
ISBN: 9783319318905
ISBN-10: 331931890X
Publisher: Palgrave MacMillan
Publication Date: September 26th, 2016
Pages: 437
Language: English