Fundamentals in Air Pollution: From Processes to Modelling (Paperback)

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Fundamentals in Air Pollution: From Processes to Modelling By Bruno Sportisse Cover Image


Introduction 1. Primer for the Atmospheric Composition 1.1 Atmospheric Chemical Composition 1.2 Atmospheric Vertical Structure 1.3 Timescales 2. Atmospheric Radiative Transfer 2.1 Primer for Radiative Transfer 2.2 Applications to the Earth's Atmosphere 3. Atmospheric Boundary Layer 3.1 Meteorological Scales 3.2 Atmospheric Boundary Layer 3.3 Thermal Stratification and Stability 3.4 ABL Turbulence 3.5 Fundamentals of Atmospheric Dynamics 3.6 A Few Facts for the Urban Climate 4. Gas-Phase Atmospheric Chemistry 4.1 Primer for Atmospheric Chemistry 4.2 Stratospheric Chemistry of Ozone 4.3 Tropospheric Chemistry of Ozone 4.4 Brief Introduction to Indoor Air Quality 5. Aerosols, Clouds and Rains 5.1 Aerosols andParticles 5.2 Aerosols and Clouds 5.3 Acid Rains and Scavenging 6. Toward Numerical Simulation 6.1 Reactive Dispersion Equation 6.2 Fundamentals of Numerical Analysis for Chemistry-Transport Models 6.3 Numerical Simulation of the General Dynamic Equation for Aerosols (GDE) 6.4 State-of-the-Art Modeling System 6.5 Next-Generation Models Appendix 1 Units, Constants and Basic Data References Index.
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ISBN: 9789400791329
ISBN-10: 9400791321
Publisher: Springer
Publication Date: October 30th, 2014
Pages: 299
Language: English