The Unwords: Exposing the Dishonest Language of a Culture in Decline (Hardcover)

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The Unwords: Exposing the Dishonest Language of a Culture in Decline Cover Image


A nameless character. A faceless figure. A disturbing, thought-provoking journey through the facts of the world we live in that we often refuse to acknowledge. By taking full advantage of their author's lack of identity and extreme levels of introspection, The Unwords unleash a full scale attack on all fronts of cultural and social decay. Education, religion, politics, language, relationships and common every day social activities are stripped down to their bare foundations and deconstructed through the eyes of a man who has rejected any notion of self in his quest for the truth. The Unwords became a Goodreads Choice Awards Finalist in 2012, the first ever book to be nominated in the history of Goodreads that didn't have an identifiable author. Written in fluent poetic verse which expands into full-page, full color illustrations, the words blend seamlessly with the arts as they form novel-like chapters which end with a single, dynamic sentence; a new, refreshing form of writing known as "Graphic-verse." Words are meant to be spoken. In a dishonest world, what remains unspoken can only be the truth. In a dishonest world... the pen is never mightier than the sword.
Product Details
ISBN: 9789963746736
ISBN-10: 996374673X
Publisher: Fearache Publishings
Publication Date: July 15th, 2013
Pages: 106
Language: English