Crochet for Beginners 2021: A Complete Step By Step Guide with Picture illustrations to Learn Crocheting the Quick & Easy Way (Paperback)

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Crochet for Beginners 2021: A Complete Step By Step Guide with Picture illustrations to Learn Crocheting the Quick & Easy Way By Antony Zef Cover Image


Crocheting is an old favorite pastime, pretty much like stamp collecting, and coin collecting. These hobbies were incredibly popular back in the day when electronic gadgets didn't get in the way of our leisure time.

Often times, when we imagine crochet, we think of our grandmothers crocheting a table runner or placemats in her rocking chair. At a certain time, it seemed as though the world had lost its interest in arts and craft. However, with blogs and social media accounts that focus on craft, such as Diply, Pinterest, Buzzfeed and Tastemade, crocheting and other long-forgotten handicrafts are making a comeback, albeit with a fresher twist compared to what our grandmothers used to do. Crocheting as we see it today was not how it was done back then.

A quick search on Instagram will show you plenty of ways to make cool crop tops, comfortable shoes, bags, phone covers, dream catchers, as well as cute dolls. Thanks to its new techniques and tools, crocheting has turned into a trendy and modern craft. So, if you've ever looked at a crocheting video and thought, I want to do that too, then you're in luck Because in this book, we will teach you the fundamentals of crocheting, starting from the how-to's, knowhows, techniques, and patterns.

If you are new to the art of crocheting, going through the number of hooks, stitches, yarns, and patterns may all seem confusing and even overwhelming at first, but this book will take you on a journey that will uncover all the basics, so you don't feel overwhelmed.

In this book, we will learn a little bit about the history of crocheting as well as the supplies that you will need. We will also discuss basiccrochet patterns, and how to crochet effectively. This book aims to help you firmly grasp the basics of crochet whether it's selecting the right supplies, what hook size conversions are required as beginners, standard yarn weights and figuring out what specialist abbreviations and symbols are. At the very end, we will also investigate how to complete a variety of basic crochet stitches

Product Details
ISBN: 9791280762214
Publisher: Chiara Andretta
Publication Date: October 8th, 2021
Pages: 186
Language: English