Brain Training: Improve Your Memories, Your Focus and Self-Confidence. Update Your Concentration Capabilities (Paperback)

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Brain Training: Improve Your Memories, Your Focus and Self-Confidence. Update Your Concentration Capabilities By Jonathan Lee Mindset Editions Cover Image


How to improve power and memory in less of 30 days, even if you are lazy.

This book will provide all the habits and the exercises you need to improve your brain, to improve your memory (in less 30 days).

If you feel confused, lazy, but you want to improve focus, memory and power of mind without fatigue your head spin, you should get this book on brain training.

You will finally know all exercises for improve memory, how to building your self-confidence and you'll be able to pick the best action every day, whit different strategies in your day's plans, and have an improvement of status of your mind.

In the US, brain-training programmes are used in schools, at a cost of up to $300 per child. Some ambitious parents on this side of the Atlantic have started using the games in place of hiring a private tutor to improve their children's academic scores. And there is anecdotal evidence that keeping a brain lively is helpful in staving off early-onset dementia. - theguardian journals

Here's what you get with this book:

  • The brain training exercises (easy and fast)
  • Program of 30-days to a smarter and healthy brain
  • how to strengthen your concentration and your confidence (top content)
  • The best activities and habits of people with amazing memory (very fun)
  • The Essential diets for your brain (easy following)
  • Many Memory training brain exercises (reading, focus, and many more)
  • How to distinguish reality from fiction about brain myths
  • Methods to overcome shyness
  • How to build your self-confidence (step by step)
  • And much more...

The brain training doesn't require any special equipment.
By following the step-by-step instructions, you can re-activate the power of your brain. Transform your brain enjoying day after day of improvement sensations.

Product Details
ISBN: 9798215623688
Publisher: Jonathan Lee Mindset Editions
Publication Date: March 29th, 2021
Pages: 110
Language: English