Tides Of Treason (Paperback)

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Tides Of Treason By Charles Eugene Anderson Cover Image


In the midst of the American Revolution, a bold plan emerges among the Continental forces: to construct the Minnow, a clandestine submarine aiming to undermine British naval dominance from below the ocean's surface. This secretive endeavor is led by Captain Elias B. Strong, who gathers a diverse team, including the determined Lieutenant Abigail Mercer and the innovative Dr. Amelia Hart.

On the other side, Captain Richard Shaw oversees the formidable British fleet, a steadfast defense against the rising rebellion. As the Minnow begins its covert assaults, increasing the tension, Shaw collaborates with intelligence agent Isabel Montfort and the astute Commander Edward Hawthorne to thwart this hidden menace.

Amidst the clandestine world of espionage and the vast battlefield of naval warfare, a strategic game unfolds between veteran leaders and unexpected champions. With groundbreaking technology and unwavering bravery, each side strives to gain dominance in a conflict that is about more than just victory-it's about the very identity of a nascent nation.

Tide Of Treason is a riveting blend of historical fiction and intense battle drama set during the American Revolution. Packed with gripping action, the novel immerses readers in an era of innovation and turmoil. Exploring themes of innovation, allegiance, and the cost of war, it delves into the complex moral landscape that defines the line between triumph and loss in the throes of battle.

Product Details
ISBN: 9798224100996
Publisher: Mad Cow Press
Publication Date: January 8th, 2024
Pages: 204
Language: English