From The Dope House To The Hope House (Paperback)

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From The Dope House To The Hope House By III Dyson, Billie J. Cover Image


From The Dope House To The HOPE House

Can God Still Save You

If You're Too Deep in Sin & Bound by Drugs, Alcohol & Crime?

This book is about a young boy who was raised in the church and once he became a teenager, he became the prodigal son himself, trapped in Deep sin, drugs, alcohol, partying crime, and numerous jail stints.

The Author, Billie Dyson 3rd who goes by Billie Dyson Sr. on Fb social media, lived this once horrible life & lifestyle for many years.

Now 37 years old,5 children and a wife wrote this book to give hope to the hopeless, the addicted drug addict, and alcoholic, the ones completely lost & trapped in sin, and having nowhere to turn.

He has the #1 answer to break the chains of sin, addiction, and a life of crime He is here to tell the world that there Is a Power so strong that can set any captive Free and that Power is JESUS

He is believing and having faith that this book will reach Every jail, prison, drug rehab All across America even to overseas.

We pray this book blesses and encourages you and or a friend or family member of yours

God Bless You Richly.
Billie J. Dyson III
Product Details
ISBN: 9798455580826
Publisher: Independently Published
Publication Date: August 12th, 2021
Pages: 64
Language: English