macOS Big Sur Demystified: Most Well-guarded Secrets to Crack macOS Big Sur to Pro Level Revealed (Paperback)

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macOS Big Sur Demystified: Most Well-guarded Secrets to Crack macOS Big Sur to Pro Level Revealed By Brian McShore Cover Image


An Easy Peasy Illustrated User Guide to Crack macOS 11 for MacBooks and iMacs
Apple updates its Mac operating system every year with new features, and Apple's next-gen desktop operating system, macOS Big Sur is here.

This new version is astonishing. It includes many unprecedented improvements and useful features, many of which bring the macOS experience closer to what it looks like on Apple's iPadOS.

This macOS Big Sur user guide contains all you need to know, which includes the new features, requirements, and how to get the latest update in the macOS line.

Whether you have downloaded or about to download the latest macOS version, this book with informative and useful tips and tricks will make your Big Sur experience nicer.

Enjoy the new features added to Safari Browser, Maps, and the Messages app. Guess what? You now get to enjoy the addition of Control Center to manage your Mac adventure. Isn't that great? Find out more remarkable features of macOS Big Sur covered in this book.

macOS Big Sur doesn't have to be hard. Read this book to discover creative ways you can improve your macOS Big Sur knowledge and get more out of Apple OS.

What are you waiting for? Get your copy to make the most of your Mac with this simple, authoritative guide to get you settled into macOS Big Sur atmosphere

Product Details
ISBN: 9798576416875
Publisher: Independently Published
Publication Date: December 4th, 2020
Pages: 54
Language: English