Mexico Wall 130 (Paperback)

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Mexico Wall 130 By I. D. Oro Cover Image


President K. K. K. (Kris Kitty Kleptomaniac) wins the 2016 Presidential Election with a promise to build the Mexico Wall and deport all of the illegal aliens. His campaign slogan is, 'Make America 4 the Rich Again', while he intends to make the United States of America a playground for the rich 1% of the population. His political party the Government of the Rich (G. O. P.) are fully behind his plan to deport everyone and anyone who is not part of the rich 1%. The politicians, mercenaries of Dump-water, and their families will be exempt from deportation. Presidential executive orders arrive which declare any United States of America citizen that does not have $1,000 in the bank a public charge. Anyone who is not part of the rich 1% is now an illegal alien as their United States of America birthright citizenship disappears. They are subject to deportation to Mexico. Muslim terrorist earn blame for a batch of contaminated bullets that the government of the United States of America laced with anthrax. President Kleptomaniac issues executive orders banning all bullets from the United States of America. Everyone must now turn in all of their bullets to the government. Those possessing bullets in the United States of America after the deadline earn the title of terrorist and get a one way ticket to Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.A cast of characters must now traverse the new laws. Ita must listen to the crazy conspiracy theories about the government trying to take away everyone's guns. Jesus Ramiro is debating whether he should steal company secrets to pay off his student loans. Wilford shares the latest conspiracy theories while he fixes the toilet of one of his customers. Pastor James is still trying to produce some talking points for a sermon at his, 'Pastor James 420 Church' in Denver, Colorado. Rebeca has to deal with some problems at the fast food restaurant which will alter her life. Helga finds an ad for a job with a mercenary company. Stephanie really enjoys her new foster care parents until something happens to put her world into chaos. Amy is enjoying her life while her cheap husband keeps on trying to cut her expenses to save for some disaster during retirement. Jazlynn begins to doubt the justice system when she wins a court case with overwhelming evidence to exonerate the person that she is persecuting.
Product Details
ISBN: 9798621809201
Publisher: Independently Published
Publication Date: March 19th, 2020
Pages: 130
Language: English