Auditing that Matters: Case Studies (Paperback)


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This book and its companion volume, Auditing that Matters Case Studies: The Discussion, provide internal audit practitioners and students of the art with a variety of case studies that can be the basis for discussion and debate on the path to learning work-class internal auditing.
Internal auditing leaders want their teams to build their skills, preferably leading to an approach to internal auditing that is consistent across the group. They not only encourage everybody to attend external training sessions, such as the conferences and seminars run by the Institute of Internal Auditors and others, but hold internal staff meetings with educational content. Several bring the entire team together one or more times each year (which can be a challenge for large, global organizations) to hear not only internal but external speakers as a learning and growing experience.
The case studies in this book (many of which come from real life) provide materials that internal audit leaders can use to explore and advance internal audit practices. Each presents a situation where the internal auditor has to make a decision. Discussing what that decision should be is an excellent way for both individuals and the team as a whole to upgrade their understanding of world-class internal auditing.
These two books can also be used in internal audit college classes, either as topics for group discussion or as essay assignments.Auditing that Matters Case Studies: The Discussion has a number of thoughts about each case study that the facilitator can use. They are suggestions based on my experience as the leader of internal audit functions that were recognized as world-class by firms such as Protiviti, and incorporate the author's thoughts embodied in his prior writings.
The direct result can be improved and more valuable services to the organization.
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ISBN: 9798650160410
Publisher: Independently Published
Publication Date: June 1st, 2020
Pages: 54
Language: English