The Best Smoothies for Weight Loss Book: 60 Healthy Drinks Smoothies Recipes for Weight Loss Diet (Paperback)

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The Best Smoothies for Weight Loss Book: 60 Healthy Drinks Smoothies Recipes for Weight Loss Diet By Anthony Green Cover Image


Is losing weight something that is on your agenda?
Do you want to do it but enjoy great tasting treats at the same time?
This book has everything you need

For anyone who has ever tried to lose weight, the hardest thing to sacrifice is the taste of something nice and indulgent. This is where many diets end their days, with something you know you shouldn't eat but can't help yourself. The good news for dieters is that there are certain treats that are actually good for you and taste great, meaning you can stay on track with your weight loss program.

Inside the pages of The Best Smoothies for Weight Loss Book, you'll find a range of great tasting smoothies that are good for you and will actually help you lose weight, including such delights as:

  • Orange antioxidant refresher
  • Fresh purple fig smoothie
  • Tomato, grape and lime
  • Banana, almond and dark chocolate
  • Fat-burning green smoothie
  • Chia seed smoothie
  • And many more...

Smoothies are an excellent way to give your body what it needs when it comes to fibre, vitamins and nutrients, and they are the perfect tool for fighting all sorts of diseases and medical conditions.

Packed with 60 recipes, all with full-colour photos and detailed instructions and ingredients, The Best Smoothies for Weight Loss Book is all you will need to make sure you get the nutrition your body craves, all in one delicious hit.

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Product Details
ISBN: 9798654758842
Publisher: Independently Published
Publication Date: June 17th, 2020
Pages: 46
Language: English