Teach Yourself Coding Indicators in PineScript (Paperback)

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Teach Yourself Coding Indicators in PineScript By Achal  Cover Image
By Achal


Teach Yourself Coding Indicators in PineScript provides a good starting point for you in PineScript Version 5 programming. It covers important topics in PineScript and lays a solid foundation for a serious beginner. After reading this book, you will be able to write basic PineScript programs on your own to develop Indicators in tradingview platform. It is a simple book to read with to understand the concepts and programming skills introduced in the book. The best part is that this book offers many sample programs and exercises with clear explanations and answers, that makes the concepts of the PineScript easier to understand. If this is your first time learning any programming language, this book is written for you. In fact, in writing this book it is assumed that the readers have no prior programming experience.

Updated with version 5
This book has improved edition by the name "Tradingview Pine Script Programming from Scratch" which also includes trade strategies and arrays. It is recommended to purchase above improvised book.

Topics Covered
Who Should Read This Book?
Programming Examples
Summary and Workshop

Chapter -1: Taking the First Step
What is PineScript?
Why do you need to learn PineScript?
Assumptions About You
Setting Up Your System

Chapter -2: Your first program in PineScript
A Simple PineScript Code
Compiling and running the script
What are the Builtin Functions?
Example of Other Built-in Functions
What are Builtin Variables?

Chapter -3: Plotting on the Chart
Moving Average Crossover
The plot function
Arguments to the plot function

Chapter -4: Understanding Data Types
Concept of DataType
Concept of Variable
Arithmetic Operations in Series Variable

Chapter -5: Operators in PineScript
Assignment Operator
Arithmetic Operators
Comparison Operators
Logical Operators
Identifying Doji
Drawing Shapes on Chart

Chapter -6: Control-flow: Iteration
Flow Chart
Repeating task
The for loop statement
The while loop statement

Chapter -7: Control-flow: Branching
The iff statement
The conditional ternary operator
The "if....else..." statement
The switch Statement

Chapter -8: Functions
The need for user-defined functions
Understanding a function
Defining Custom Functions in Script
Scope of Variables

Chapter-09: Examples using Functions
ZigZag Indicator
Identifying "Mark-Up" Bar

Chapter -10: Built-in line function
Line Function
Example joining pivot points

Chapter -11: Customizable script - Taking input from users
The input function
Boolean input provide toggle button
Integer input
Float input
Symbol input
Resolution input
Source input
Option argument of the input function

Chapter -12: Indicators & code library
Built-in Indicators
Publishing Code to Trading View
Chapter 13: Errors and their remedy
Cannot assign expression of type
Appendix A - Answers to quiz and exercises.
Product Details
ISBN: 9798688231274
Publisher: Independently Published
Publication Date: September 20th, 2020
Pages: 114
Language: English
Series: Teach Yourself