The Julien Drawing Course: Cours De Dessin (Paperback)

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The Julien Drawing Course: Cours De Dessin By Bernard Romain Julien (Illustrator), Burst Books Cover Image


A great advancement for study after the Bargue Drawing Course. The Julien drawings have much more complex details and are more expressive.

Take your drawing skill to another level by studying these fine art plates.

I totally support the point of view of French art teachers of the 19th century that fine art students need to study the rich traditions of the classical art.

French schools at that time advocated the following sequence of art education:

  • Drawing copies of classical art plates
  • Copying drawings by the Old Masters
  • Drawing classical casts - busts and figures
  • Drawing live models

The 20th century brought various "isms" into art, and many art students become disillusioned with art education as it is practiced today.

Copying the Old Masters and studying their art is an important part of traditional art education. Copying classical masterpieces will develop a proper artistic taste and style. I believe that thousands of fine art students will improve greatly from such exercises.

These plates were created as a part of an intensive drawing course system designed by the late great draftsman, artist Bernard Romain Julien.

Benefits are perpetual in the entire scope of the artist's development.

To have the ability to accurately record what the eye sees removing deviation or mental hindrance, I'd say is the basic principle behind this drawing system.

Once this is gained the artist is in a better position to integrate their imagination in a precision controlled manner.

Should you buy a copy of this book?

If you're really serious about improving drawing skills, and you're willing to put in some hard hours of practice, then yes, you should definitely buy it.

If you just love drawing and have cash to burn, you should buy it.

If you're in the habit of buying art instruction books but you cant really draw that much, this book isn't going to magically help you draw better.

But neither is any art book.

Product Details
ISBN: 9798722512857
Publisher: Independently Published
Publication Date: March 16th, 2021
Pages: 130
Language: English