Home at the Barre: Adult Ballet (Paperback)

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Home at the Barre: Adult Ballet By Dawn C. Crouch Cover Image


Have you always wanted to take Ballet? Did you study as a child and dream of returning to class again?

Ballet is a great exercise choice for Adults The steps and combinations maintain strength and flexibility. The mindful focus of class promotes longevity and a better quality of life. The challenge improves concentration in everything you do

Ballet is both physical exercise and mental stress reliever A Proven Combo

In Home at the Barre - Adult Ballet, you'll discover:
  • Benefits of Ballet training as an Adult
  • Safe Practices to Prevent Injury
  • What to expect from a typical studio and class
  • A Bonus - Special Concerns for Adult "First-Time" students
  • Inspiring Support, Practical Direction, and so much more

Home At the Barre - Adult Ballet, the fourth book in the Garage Ballet series, is a motivating guide for the Adult Ballet student. An experienced ballet instructor for over forty years, Dawn C Crouch can undoubtedly relate to being an adult. As a teacher who continues to take class herself, she wants every adult student to know what to expect and how to prepare for an adult ballet class comfortably and confidently.

Join us Buy Home At the Barre - Adult Ballet to get motivated, get moving, and have more fun today
Product Details
ISBN: 9798784258410
Publisher: Independently Published
Publication Date: December 13th, 2021
Pages: 104
Language: English