Church Boy Love: Book 2: The Hunted (Paperback)

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Church Boy Love: Book 2: The Hunted By Adrian D. Nelson Cover Image


Would you put your life as you knew it on the line for a loved one, or leave them to face their own judgment for a wrong they committed? You pulled it off. But just when you thought it was all over and you were the savior of the day, all hell broke loose as the tables turned, and you were now on the run and being hunted in the worst possible way.

Street remained a loyal teenage church boy, but made one drastic decision out of loyalty that led him straight into the most hellish experience and being hunted by everyone and even the unimaginable. A story of survival. A supernatural story of unbelief versus faith. A story of determination. A story of love, and the price he had to pay.

This is the sequel to Street's incredible journey with mind-blowing situations and consequences that you pray you will never find yourself in. But he did. This is a story that no one would ever tell because most wouldn't believe. Rule 1: Don't ever fall in love again until your heart can handle it. Rule 2. Don't ever enter a dance competition again. Rule 3. No more street brawls. Rule 4. Spend more time at church. Rule 5. Never travel alone after dark, but if you do, never, ever look her in the eyes, if you should encounter her. Street broke all five rules that came with severe consequences as he became: The Hunted.

Based on actual events.

Product Details
ISBN: 9798887313467
Publisher: Fulton Books
Publication Date: February 16th, 2023
Pages: 216
Language: English