This is Love? This is Safe? (Paperback)

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This is Love? This is Safe? By Michelle Smith Cover Image


Sandra, a timid woman, doesn't see her value in this world. The multitude of assaults on her have diminished her self-worth, value, and ability to see herself as an asset. Those relationships portrayed her life as loving and safe. She knows there must be something better; that life she lived couldn't have been genuine love. Fear of her past has made receiving anything real seem impossible. The continuous picking at the wounds from her past keeps them open and susceptible to infecting her, which is just what Keith, her ex-husband, wants. He will do whatever it takes to keep her down, crush her spirit, and keep her where he can manipulate her.

The only important thing in her life are her children, but believing she's not worth anything better has kept her from leaving the pain and suffering behind. She struggles to believe if real love exists. When she meets Jason, feelings that she has never felt before expose themselves. Letting him get close to her, she realizes how beautiful her life could be once the healing is complete. Can she trust him, or is he just like the others, using her as a tool? She has never fully trusted anyone. If she continues living in the direction she's going, chances are her kids will get sucked into a life she swore they would never have to experience. She has to let go of what she knows and start trusting people. But to have never trusted before makes it complicated. But he seems different. He lights a spark in her she never knew was there. Can she be sure of the process before her, or should she stay in what she knows is real? Pain.


Product Details
ISBN: 9798888510346
Publisher: Covenant Books
Publication Date: July 20th, 2023
Pages: 198
Language: English