Vishnu (Paperback)

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VISHNU is called the second person of Hindu Trimurti or the Triad: but though called second, it must not be supposed that he is regarded in any way inferior to that of Brahmā. In some books Brahmā is said to be the first cause of all things, in others it is as strongly asserted that Vishnu has this honor, while in others, it is claimed for Siva. As Brahmā's special work is creation, that of Vishnu is preservation.

Amongst the thousand names of Vishnu, the following, in addition to those already given, are most commonly known: --

Madhusudana, the destroyer of Madhu; and Kaitabhajit, the conqueror of Kaitabha. These were two demons who issued from Vishnu's ear as he lay asleep on the serpent Sesha at the end of a Kalpa, and were about to destroy Brahmā, as he sat on the lotus which sprang from Vishnu's navel, when this deity slew them, and hence obtained these names:

- Vaikunthanāth, ""The Lord of Paradise.""

- Kesava, ""He who has excellent hair.""

- Madhava, ""Made of honey; or a descendant of Madhu.""

- Swayambhu, ""The self-existent one.""

- Pitamvara, ""He who wears yellow garments.""

- Janārddana, ""He who causes the people to worship.""

- Vishvamvara, ""The protector of the world.""

- Hari, ""The saviour; "" lit. he who takes possession of.

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