Three to One (Paperback)

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Three to One By T. S. Epperson Cover Image


A professor, a young woman, an angry father, and an assassin. What could go wrong?

Professor Peregrine Faulk is like any other professor working at the Institute of Modern Technology. Except that he is twenty-one years old. And he's a licensed pilot, and heir to a successful aviation charter business. Some would call his life perfect, and Peregrine might agree, except that he's alone. Until he meets Dove. She's smart, beautiful, and funny. She's also completely off limits.

Forbidden love is just the start of his troubles, though. Someone is trying to kill his dad, and the charter jet business is under attack. To top it all off, a creepy homeless guy is shadowing Peregrine's movements. A guy who looks exactly like him, and in fact, claims to be him. Peregrine never asked for any of this trouble. He never asked to be a genius. And he never asked to be the heir to wealth. Life has handed him the things everyone thinks they want, but it hasn't brought him any satisfaction.

He's coming to understand, the only thing he wants out of life is Dove. The whole universe seems to be conspiring to keep them apart, but he would do anything to be with her. She is a woman he could live his whole life for. Little does he know; she may be the woman he has to die for.

Buy Three To One for a hair-raising ride of suspense and intrigue. In this second book of the six-book series, The Other Side of Dead, you will become more intimately familiar with the characters you loved and hated in the first book, Once To Die. And the darkness goes deeper than you know.

Product Details
ISBN: 9798986606439
Publisher: Multivalent Press
Publication Date: April 18th, 2023
Pages: 410
Language: English