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Browse Books: Computers / Data Science / Neural Networks

Neuro-Symbolic AI: Design transparent and trustworthy systems that understand the world as you do By Alexiei Dingli, David Farrugia Cover Image
Artificial Intelligence and Digital Systems Engineering By Adedeji B. Badiru Cover Image
Connectomic Medicine: Guide to Brain AI in Treatment Decision Planning By Michael E. Sughrue, Jacky T. Yeung, Nicholas B. Dadario Cover Image
Machine Learning for Text Summarization By Priya V Cover Image
By Priya V
Machine Learning Models Performance Prediction By Vinithkumar E Cover Image
Grokking Artificial Intelligence Algorithms: Understand and apply the core algorithms of deep learning and artificial intelligence in this friendly illustrated guide including exercises and examples By Rishal Hurbans Cover Image
Transformers for Natural Language Processing: Build innovative deep neural network architectures for NLP with Python, PyTorch, TensorFlow, BERT, RoBER By Denis Rothman Cover Image
Immersion Into Noise (second edition) By Joseph Nechvatal Cover Image
Practical Deep Learning: A Python-Based Introduction By Ronald T. Kneusel Cover Image
Way of Data, The: From Technology to Applications By Hequan Wu, Weimin Zheng Cover Image
Mastering Machine Learning on AWS: Advanced machine learning in Python using SageMaker, Apache Spark, and TensorFlow By Saket S. R. Mengle, Maximo Gurmendez Cover Image
10 Machine Learning Blueprints You Should Know for Cybersecurity: Protect your systems and boost your defenses with cutting-edge AI techniques By Rajvardhan Oak Cover Image