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Browse Books: Computers / Programming / Parallel

Programming Rust: Fast, Safe Systems Development By Jim Blandy, Jason Orendorff, Leonora Tindall Cover Image
Effective Haskell: Solving Real-World Problems with Strongly Typed Functional Programming By Rebecca Skinner Cover Image
Hadoop: The Definitive Guide: Storage and Analysis at Internet Scale By Tom White Cover Image
Rust Atomics and Locks: Low-Level Concurrency in Practice By Mara Bos Cover Image
Webassembly: The Definitive Guide: Safe, Fast, and Portable Code By Brian Sletten Cover Image
C++ High Performance, Second Edition: Master the art of optimizing the functioning of your C++ code By Björn Andrist, Viktor Sehr Cover Image
Parallel and High Performance Programming with Python: Unlock parallel and concurrent programming in Python using multithreading, CUDA, Pytorch and Da By Fabio Nelli Cover Image
Code Like a Pro in Rust  By Brenden Matthews Cover Image
Coming Soon - Available for Pre-Order Now
Principles of Product Management: How to Land a PM Job and Launch Your Product Career By Peter Yang Cover Image
Programming Massively Parallel Processors: A Hands-On Approach By Wen-Mei W. Hwu, David B. Kirk, Izzat El Hajj Cover Image
Concurrent, Parallel and Distributed Computing By Adele Kuzmiakova (Editor) Cover Image
By Adele Kuzmiakova (Editor)
Designing Elixir Systems with Otp: Write Highly Scalable, Self-Healing Software with Layers By James Gray, Bruce Tate Cover Image