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Browse Books: Computers / Data Science / Data Modeling & Design

Practical Time Series Analysis: Prediction with Statistics and Machine Learning By Aileen Nielsen Cover Image
CMMN Method and Style: A Practical Guide to Case Management Modeling for Documentation and Execution By Bruce Silver Cover Image
Fuzzy Data Matching with SQL: Enhancing Data Quality and Query Performance By Jim Lehmer Cover Image
Data Modeling with Snowflake: A practical guide to accelerating Snowflake development using universal data modeling techniques By Serge Gershkovich Cover Image
The Data Model Toolkit: Simple Skills To Model The Real World (Data Architecture Fundamentals #2) By Dave Knifton Cover Image
The Nature of Data: Infrastructures, Environments, Politics By Jenny Goldstein (Editor), Eric Nost (Editor) Cover Image
By Jenny Goldstein (Editor), Eric Nost (Editor)
The Trouble With Big Data: How Datafication Displaces Cultural Practices By Jennifer Edmond, Nicola Horsley, Jörg Lehmann Cover Image
Unavailable from our sources
Practical Data Science with R, Second Edition By Nina Zumel, John Mount Cover Image
Domain Modeling Made Functional: Tackle Software Complexity with Domain-Driven Design and F# By Scott Wlaschin Cover Image
Hands-On Big Data Analytics with PySpark By Colibri Digital, Rudy Lai, Bartlomiej Potaczek Cover Image
MongoDB Data Modeling and Schema Design By Daniel Coupal, Pascal Desmarets, Steve Hoberman Cover Image
Python Data Analysis - Third Edition: Perform data collection, data processing, wrangling, visualization, and model building using Python By Avinash Navlani, Armando Fandango, Ivan Idris Cover Image