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Kubernetes Essentials: Orchestrating Containers for Scalable Solutions By Thaddeus Clarke Cover Image
Azure Arc-Enabled Data Services Revealed: Deploying Azure Data Services on Any Infrastructure By Ben Weissman, Anthony E. Nocentino Cover Image
Predictive Analytics in Cloud, Fog, and Edge Computing: Perspectives and Practices of Blockchain, Iot, and 5g By Hiren Kumar Thakkar (Editor), Chinmaya Kumar Dehury (Editor), Prasan Kumar Sahoo (Editor) Cover Image
High Performance Computing in Clouds: Moving HPC Applications to a Scalable and Cost-Effective Environment By Edson Borin (Editor), Lúcia Maria a. Drummond (Editor), Jean-Luc Gaudiot (Editor) Cover Image
By Edson Borin (Editor), Lúcia Maria a. Drummond (Editor), Jean-Luc Gaudiot (Editor)
Advanced Computing Techniques for Optimization in Cloud By H. S. Madhusudhan (Editor), Punit Gupta (Editor), Pradeep Singh Rawat (Editor) Cover Image
By H. S. Madhusudhan (Editor), Punit Gupta (Editor), Pradeep Singh Rawat (Editor)
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Distributed Cloud: Reference Architecture Design By Hong Lin (Editor), Weiqi Tian Cover Image
By Hong Lin (Editor), Weiqi Tian
Cloud Security Volume 2 Best Practice: 2nd Edition 2021 By Uwe Irmer Cover Image
Distribued data center managing logistics over cloud By Shivani Dubey Cover Image
Research Dimensions in Internet of Things with Cloud Applications By Shashi Kant Gupta, Siripuri Kiran Cover Image
A Hybrid Model for Prediction of Rising Temporal Big Data on Cloud By R. Kabilan Cover Image
Cloud Native Apps on Google Cloud Platform: Use Serverless, Microservices and Containers to Rapidly Build and Deploy Apps on Google Cloud By Alasdair Gilchrist Cover Image
Context Aware Offloading Framework for IoT By Karan Bajaj Cover Image