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Zen Master Tales: Stories from the Lives of Taigu, Sengai, Hakuin, and Ryokan By Peter Haskel Cover Image
Womb of Diamonds: A True Adventure From Child Bride Of Syria To Celebrity Businesswoman Of Japan By Ezra Choueke Cover Image
Auspicious Animals: The Art of Good Omens By Uchiyama Cover Image
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Otaku: Japan’s Database Animals By Hiroki Azuma, Jonathan E. Abel (Translated by), Shion Kono (Translated by) Cover Image
By Hiroki Azuma, Jonathan E. Abel (Translated by), Shion Kono (Translated by)
Japan: History and Culture from Classical to Cool By Nancy K. Stalker Cover Image
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The Battle of Tinian: The Capture of the Atomic Bomb Island, July-August 1944 (Images of War) By John Grehan, Alexander Nicoll Cover Image
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Sumo: A History of the Sport (Sports Shorts #2) By Judah Lyons Cover Image
Sutra and Bible: Faith and the Japanese American World War II Incarceration By Duncan Ryuken Williams (Editor), Emily Anderson (Editor) Cover Image
By Duncan Ryuken Williams (Editor), Emily Anderson (Editor)
History of Japan: A Captivating Guide to Japanese History, Including Events Such as the Genpei War, Mongol Invasions, Battle of Tsushima By Captivating History Cover Image
The Forgotten Highlander: An Incredible WWII Story of Survival in the Pacific By Alistair Urquhart Cover Image
Stranger in the Shogun's City: A Japanese Woman and Her World By Amy Stanley Cover Image
Fubuki-Class Destroyers: In the Imperial Japanese Navy During World War II (Legends of Warfare: Naval #19) By Lars Ahlberg, Hans Lengerer Cover Image