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Browse Books: Political Science / Political Process / Campaigns & Elections

Nature Is A Human Right: Why We're Fighting for Green in a Gray World By Ellen Miles Cover Image
Say It Louder!: Black Voters, White Narratives, and Saving Our Democracy By Tiffany Cross Cover Image
The Greatest Speeches of Donald J. Trump: 45th President of the United States of America with an Introduction by Presidential Historian Craig Shirley By Donald J. Trump, Craig Shirley (Editor) Cover Image
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I'm Here to Ask for Your Vote: How Presidential Campaign Visits Influence Voters By Christopher J. Devine Cover Image
Unavailable from our sources
The Big Lie By Robert Morris Cover Image
Take Back Your Government By Robert A. Heinlein, Jr. Patterson, William H. (Introduction by) Cover Image
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The Party Decides: Presidential Nominations Before and After Reform (Chicago Studies in American Politics) By Marty Cohen, David Karol, Hans Noel, John Zaller Cover Image
Unavailable from our sources
Social Choice and Individual Values By Kenneth Joseph Arrow Cover Image
A Question of Respect: Bringing Us Together in a Deeply Divided Nation By Ed Goeas, Celinda Lake Cover Image
The Big Sort: Why the Clustering of Like-Minded American is Tearing Us Apart By Bill Bishop Cover Image
Donald J. Trump: Four Toxic Years at the White House By Ron Ziegler Cover Image
Women, Politics, and Power: A Global Perspective By Pamela Paxton, Melanie M. Hughes, Tiffany D. Barnes Cover Image
Unavailable from our sources