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Browse Books: Political Science / Public Policy / Communication Policy

La Comunicazione Politica Americana: Da Kennedy a Trump (Passaparola) By Alessandro Vittorio Sorani Cover Image
Unavailable from our sources
Bee Club Basics: How to Start a Bee Club By Charlotte Ekker Wiggins Cover Image
Politics: Another Perspective: Commentary and Analysis on Race, War, Ethics and the American Political Landscape in the Age of O By III Leon Cover Image
Making Civility Great Again: Improving Face to Face Communication in an Age of Chaos By Steven Wells, Kim Kerrigan Cover Image
Fiber: The Coming Tech Revolution—and Why America Might Miss It By Susan Crawford Cover Image
A Study of Vietnam's Control Over Online Anti-State Content By Dien Nguyen an Luong Cover Image
FirstNet Oversight: An Update on the Status of the Public Safety Broadband Network By Technolo Subcommittee on Communications Cover Image
Reporting Climate Change in the Global North and South: Journalism in Australia and Bangladesh (Routledge Studies in Environmental Communication and Media) By Jahnnabi Das Cover Image
The Psychology of Political Communication: Politicians Under the Microscope By Peter Bull, Maurice Waddle Cover Image
Constructions of Terrorism: An Interdisciplinary Approach to Research and Policy By Michael Stohl (Editor), Dr. Richard Burchill (Editor), Scott Howard Englund (Editor) Cover Image
By Michael Stohl (Editor), Dr. Richard Burchill (Editor), Scott Howard Englund (Editor)
Unavailable from our sources
Language and Truth in North Korea By Sonia Ryang Cover Image
Media Consolidation and Net Neutrality in the U.S. By Karl Rogers Cover Image