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The Islamic Movement in Somalia: A Study of the Islah Movement, 1950-2000 (HB) By Abdurahman M. Abdullahi (Baadiyow) Cover Image
An Ambulance on Safari: The ANC and the Making of a Health Department in Exile (McGill-Queen's Associated Medical Services Studies in the History of Medicine, Health, and Society #53) By Melissa Diane Armstrong, Melissa Diane Armstrong Cover Image
South Africa and the World: The Foreign Policy of Apartheid By Amry Vandenbosch Cover Image
Governance and the Postcolony: Views from Africa By David Everatt (Editor) Cover Image
By David Everatt (Editor)
Innovative Water Finance in Africa: A Guide for Water Managers: Volume 1: Water Finance Innovations in Context By Atakilte Beyene (Editor), Cush Ngonzo Luwesi (Editor) Cover Image
By Atakilte Beyene (Editor), Cush Ngonzo Luwesi (Editor)
The Amazing Life of Divine Blessing: A Hope Filled Journey Through Adversity and Heartbreak By Divine Blessing, Durckheim Blessing Cover Image
Spoilt Ballots: The Elections That Shaped South Africa, from Shaka to Cyril By Matthew Blackman, Nick Dall Cover Image
Phantom Africa (The Africa List) By Michel Leiris, Brent Hayes Edwards (Translated by) Cover Image
By Michel Leiris, Brent Hayes Edwards (Translated by)
Unavailable from our sources
The Politics of the Independence of Kenya (Contemporary History in Context) By K. Kyle Cover Image
By K. Kyle
Africa and Israel: Relations in Perspective By Olusola Ojo Cover Image
West African Youth Challenges and Opportunity Pathways By Mora L. McLean Cover Image
Al-Shabaab: The Threat to Kenya and the Horn of Africa By United States Army War College Cover Image