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The Bipolar Experience: One fashion model's war against the stigma of mental illness By Leeann Jefferies, Eva Marie Everson Cover Image
Crazy...Or Something Else Entirely: A (Mostly) Secret Journey With Bipolar Disorder By Jillian Dumond, With Excerpts by Family & Friends (Contribution by) Cover Image
The Astrology of Bipolar Disorder: A Scientific Breakthrough By David Cochrane Cover Image
Out of the Darkness By Kate Simonet Cover Image
Calming the Bipolar Storm: A Guide for Patients and Their Families By Robert Fawcett Cover Image
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Workings of a Bipolar Mind 1-7 Omnibus: The Inner Mind of someone with Bipolar Disorder By John Medl Cover Image
Workings of A Bipolar Mind 1-3 Omnibus: The Inner Mind of Someone With Bipolar Disorder By John Medl Cover Image
The Bipolar Disorder Workbook: Powerful Tools and Practical Resources for Bipolar II and Cyclothymia By Peter Forster, MD, Gina Gregory, LCSW Cover Image
Mindfulness for Bipolar Disorder: How Mindfulness and Neuroscience Can Help You Manage Your Bipolar Symptoms By William R. Marchand Cover Image
How to Live with Bipolar: Bipolar Basics - Coping with Bipolar - Depression - Mania - Psychosis - Anxiety - Relationships By Sally Alter Cover Image
Tesla: His Tremendous and Troubled Life By Marko Perko, Stephen M. Stahl Cover Image
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Children of Bipolar Parents: from pain and confusion to hope and love By Ya'el Chaikind (Editor), Barry Panter (Editor) Cover Image
By Ya'el Chaikind (Editor), Barry Panter (Editor)