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Justice and Leadership in Early Islamic Courts By Intisar A. Rabb (Editor), Abigail Krasner Balbale (Editor) Cover Image
Unavailable from our sources
Islam and the European Empires (Past and Present Book) By David Motadel (Editor) Cover Image
By David Motadel (Editor)
The Making of the Abrahamic Religions in Late Antiquity (Oxford Studies in the Abrahamic Religions) By Guy G. Stroumsa Cover Image
The Qur'an and Late Antiquity: A Shared Heritage (Oxford Studies in Late Antiquity) By Angelika Neuwirth Cover Image
Answering the Call: Popular Islamic Activism in Sadat's Egypt (Religion and Global Politics) By Abdullah Al-Arian Cover Image
The 'History of the Kings of the Persians' in Three Arabic Chronicles: The Transmission of the Iranian Past from Late Antiquity to Early Islam (Translated Texts for Historians Lup) By Robert G. Hoyland (Commentaries by), Robert G. Hoyland (Translator) Cover Image
By Robert G. Hoyland (Commentaries by), Robert G. Hoyland (Translator)
Sharia Law in the Twenty-First Century By Muhammad Khalid Masud (Editor), Hana Jalloul Muro (Editor in Chief) Cover Image
By Muhammad Khalid Masud (Editor), Hana Jalloul Muro (Editor in Chief)
Islamic Empires: The Cities that Shaped Civilization: From Mecca to Dubai By Justin Marozzi Cover Image
Ali Ibn Al-Husayn: A Critical Biography By Abdullah Al-Rabbat Cover Image
Why Muslims Lagged Behind and Others Progressed By Nadeem M. Qureshi Cover Image
The Companion to Said Nursi Studies By Ian S. Markham (Editor), Zeyneb Sayilgan (Editor) Cover Image
By Ian S. Markham (Editor), Zeyneb Sayilgan (Editor)
Muhammad (Pbuh) Who Is He? By Osama Emara Cover Image