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Browse Books: Religion / Islam / History

Bedouin and 'Abbāsid Cultural Identities: The Arabic Majnūn Laylā Story (Culture and Civilization in the Middle East) By Ruqayya Yasmine Khan Cover Image
God Is the Light of the Heavens and the Earth: Light in Islamic Art and Culture (The Biennial Hamad bin Khalifa Symposium on Islamic Art) By John Bloom (Editor), Sheila S. Blair (Editor) Cover Image
By John Bloom (Editor), Sheila S. Blair (Editor)
Unavailable from our sources
The Family of 'Imran: Mary, Jesus, Zachariah, and John By Karima Sperling Cover Image
Among the Believers: An Islamic Journey By V. S. Naipaul Cover Image
For Putin and for Sharia: Dagestani Muslims and the Islamic State By Iwona Kaliszewska, Arthur Barys (Translator) Cover Image
By Iwona Kaliszewska, Arthur Barys (Translator)
Unavailable from our sources
Whose Islam?: The Western University and Modern Islamic Thought in Indonesia (Encountering Traditions) By Megan Brankley Abbas Cover Image
The Impact of Islam By Emmett Scott Cover Image
Christian, Jewish, and Muslim Preaching in the Mediterranean and Europe: Identities and Interfaith Encounters By Linda G. Jones (Editor), Adrienne Dupont-Hamy (Editor) Cover Image
By Linda G. Jones (Editor), Adrienne Dupont-Hamy (Editor)
Le Shaykhisme a la Periode Qajare: Histoire Sociale Et Doctrinale d'Une Ecole Chiite By Denis Hermann Cover Image
تاريخ فلسطين وإسرائيل عب By Hedaya Mahmood Alasooly Cover Image
Aljamiado Legends: The Literature and Life of Crypto-Muslims in Imperial Spain: A Critical Commentary on Religious Hybridity and English By Maria del Mar Rosa-Rodriguez Cover Image
Fatimeh Al-Zahra (Sa) By Sayyid Hussein Alamdar (Translator), Sayyid Munthir Hakim Cover Image