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Browse Books: Science / Chemistry / Toxicology

The Unfortunate Truth About Vaccines: Exposing the Vaccine Orthodoxy By Leon Canerot Cover Image
Everyday Chemicals: Understanding the Risks By Gerald A. LeBlanc Cover Image
Unavailable from our sources
Death By Shakespeare: Snakebites, Stabbings and Broken Hearts By Kathryn Harkup Cover Image
Most Delicious Poison: The Story of Nature's Toxins—From Spices to Vices By Noah Whiteman Cover Image
Coming Soon - Available for Pre-Order Now
Effects of Fluoride Toxicity on Photosynthesis in Maize and Wheat By Bhupendra Singh Cover Image
Poisonous Tales: A Forensic Examination of Poisons in Fiction By Hilary Hamnett Cover Image
Principles of Toxicology By Rubaida Mahmood Cover Image
The Dose Makes the Poison: A Plain-Language Guide to Toxicology By Ottoboni, Patricia Frank, M. Alice Ottoboni Cover Image
Pick Your Poison: How Our Mad Dash to Chemical Utopia Is Making Lab Rats of Us All By Monona Rossol Cover Image
Venenos: Armas Quimicas de la Naturaleza (La Ciencia Para Todos #229) By Juan Luis Cifuentes, Fabio German Cupul Cover Image
Poison Powder: The Kepone Disaster in Virginia and Its Legacy (Environmental History and the American South) By Gregory S. Wilson Cover Image
Natural Poisons and Venoms: Plant Toxins: Polyketides, Phenylpropanoids and Further Compounds By Eberhard Teuscher, Ulrike Lindequist Cover Image